JB Bolvadin

 JB is a savvy sales coach whose industry demand is only exceeded by his experience.  JB’s career in sales is lifelong—dating back to the age of 16 and continuing to present.  His sales knowledge spans a broad range, which has served as a major advantage to his past and present clients; JB has trained brand new sales people through top sales producers spanning across many industries.  His stats prove his success: his clients have done over $100 million in transactions in the last two years and their figures continue to grow. JB’s sales knowledge is impressive and matched by his sales coaching style.  JB is a highly effective communicator who can take complex concepts and make them digestible for his clients.  The sales people he trains have always been extremely appreciative of his talent for listening attentively and comprehending data given to him.  JB has a talent for quickly processing information and guiding his clients to practical solutions that can be immediately put into use and net results. JB’s enthusiasm for life and coaching make him extremely approachable and, wherever he goes, constantly attracts salespeople who want to “pick his brain” and who are eager to work with him to level up in business.  He leads with a zeal and gratitude that his clients genuinely love.  His upbeat personality and optimism continually translate into his clients developing a passion for sales and success in their industries.  JB understands the connection between the mind and sales production.  He has used this knowledge to help his clients overcome their fears and break through the personal barriers that were, up until then, blocking their ability to make meaningful progress in life. JB is a rising star with the sales coaching industry whose clientele are constantly growing.  His approach to coaching is comprehensive with a “sales solve all problems” philosophy, built on integrity and what often appears to be a superhuman commitment to his clients.  His measuring stick for success is production—for himself and the sales people he coaches.  JB’s clients naturally adopt this same philosophy and through his coaching are able to rapidly grow their businesses; most importantly, JB is personally invested in each of his clients’ successes and assures that with his coaching they all will have the hard numbers to win in business and in life.