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Kick It Into High Gear

Take your real estate business to new heights with personalized training and coaching. Use our expert marketing and sales skills to boost traffic and conversions and get yourself the exposure and confidence that you deserve. Get the training you and your team need to dominate in sales and real estate so that you can reach the heights you've always wanted for your business. The time to take control is now. Accelerate your business with our programs and coaching sessions. Our coaching programs will help you expand outside of your network and create a dedicated following of customers and supporters.

Personalized 1 on 1 coaching- 2 hours with initial consultation- $5,000

Join JB in his 1 on 1 coaching with you and up to three colleagues. His approach to coaching is comprehensive with a “sales solve all problems” philosophy, built on integrity and what often appears to be a superhuman commitment to his clients. His measuring stick for success is production—for himself and the people he coaches. JB’s clients naturally adopt this same philosophy and through his coaching are able to rapidly grow their businesses; most importantly, JB is personally invested in each of his clients’ successes and assures that with his coaching they all will have the hard numbers to win in business and in life.



An expansive real estate course with over 200 chapters that cover every aspect of business, sales, marketing, dealing with people and overcoming obstacles. With this course, your opportunities are endless and your growth is exponential. TILRE University members get access to a special 1 hour webinar every month with JB that isn’t accessible to anyone else.

Virtual Intro Classes- $49-99 per class. Includes the following courses:

• Objective handling
• Marketing
• Cold Calling
• Listing Presentations
• Follow Up
• And many more!

Group coaching, up to 5 people- 2 hours with initial consultation- $7,500

Bring your team! Get the same personalized coaching with your group in this class-setting coaching session.

TILRE UNIVERSITY- $10,000 Lifetime Access OR $997 down and $97 monthly for a year.

These 1 hour classes are concise and powerful. You’ll get vital information on how to handle tough situations when it comes to selling and dealing with people. You will leave each class ready to immediately apply it to your life and business directly.

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Stand Out From The Rest

Nothing replaces a first impression, but with the right media- you have a lasting impression, which is what makes people not just see you, but want to see more of you. When you can create your own narrative, that can influence the way people view, interact with you and spread your name. You’re creating the narrative of what you want your brand to be perceived as. Muhammad Ali called himself The Greatest, but he didn’t technically have the #1 boxing record in boxing history. He branded and advertised himself as such. Not only was he a phenomenal athlete but he was probably one of the best sports marketers ever. When he had exposure, he had the right platform to communicate his purpose and his intention. When you have the right platform, you can have people see you how you want to be seen. What we offer:

30 Minute weekly podcast $1,200 a month- Monthly Subscription.

Start your very own podcast when you buy this monthly package! Our expert videographers use the highest quality equipment and software to film our podcasts. Use our studio for you and any guests you have on, we will film the entire podcast, edit it and package it up nicely for you to share on your platforms.a

Social Media Package- 4 social media videos, and 5 photos for your social media a month. Starting at $1500. Monthly Subscription or One Time Fee.

Struggling with creating professional-level social media content? This package is for you! We offer professional customizable video shoots with access to a green-screen and personalized editing of all your video content that is properly formatted for stories, posts, reels, full videos, etc. We will add royalty free music to your videos, to protect against copyright infringement and ensure the correct emotion is portrayed through the videos. You will also get professional photography for yourself, your product or customized photos using stock images and graphics for marketing purposes.

*Option to apply your Branding Package to your posts here.

*Videos will not exceed 2 minutes

Branding package – logo creation, style guide, 3 photos with custom graphics $1,500- One Time Fee Start Up Fee.

This starter kit will help you create your brand, from the graphics, color scheme, and fonts to the feel of your company and what you represent. We will work with you to find that perfect style that you can use and refer to for all of your future content.

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The real estate market is full of false and misinformation. Cut through all the nonsense and learn the fundamental and advanced knowledge and skills to gain the edge above the competition. We'll train you into a veritable expert in all things real estate so that you can succeed. You'll learn:
  • Showing properties
  • Networking
  • Self-confidence
  • Building and managing a team
  • Cold calling
  • Listing appointments
  • Much more

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